FLL team coaches need only have a strong interest in mentoring and helping children to learn about technology;
  • to work as a team
  • to stay focused on the necessary timelines
  • to attend to all aspects of the competition
  • Support/Teach/Model the character-building criteria of the US First Organization
  • Manage the team relationship with State and National US First Offices
  • Manage the team relationship with local and regional competitions
Technical Know-how....
The technical aspects of the program at the FLL level are well within the grasp of tech-savy middle-school kids.  Coaching and mentorship is needed to attend to the items listed above.  Technical familiarity is helpful, but not necessary to all coach participants.
Many volunteer coaches and helpers are needed! 
If you are interested in helping this program to move forward, please email the program coordinator, Bruce Rempe at  Tell us of your interest and kinds of contributions you feel you can offer to the program.
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