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Bruce D. Rempe
Program Coordinator - Head Coach
Bruce is a 20+ year veteran of computer technology.  Currently working as Vice-President - Technology for Trakkers, LLC - a device technology company based in Bozeman, Montana -- Bruce routinely manages projects involving custom built electronics, cell-phone data networks, and network, internet, and database technologies.
Bruce has three children enrolled in the Union Community School District, and believes very strongly in the educational value and power of technology -- especially when combined with children's nature desire to compete.  Values of character, sportsmanship, and humility are held high within the Rempe household.  
Bruce: I first learned of the US First robotics programs when I channel surfed onto the Gearing UP PBS documentary. This documentary followed 4 teams of students through the FRC program. It remains a very effective program for learning more about how the program works and how effective it is. Please note: This program documents the FRC program – which is the largest robots on the largest playing field and with the largest challenges.
Bruce Rempe,
Feb 12, 2010, 10:24 AM