As this program is not an official school program, it will need to acquire it's own funding.  Grants are possibly available, and are being applied for.  All program funding will need to be privately raised.  We are currently pursuing a relationship with a local non-profit so that local individuals and business can contribute to this program on a tax-deductable basis. 
If you have any ideas regarding funding sources or deductablity channels, please send your ideas to the program coordinator; Bruce Rempe at
Approximate Budget for (each) FLL Team
Startup (first year) expenses
Lego Mindstorm Kit        $  365 - purchased thru US First Organization
Field Setup                      $   65 - Field build to simple US First specifications
Field Table                      $   70 - Build to support field, and to secure program materials between sessions
Tackle Boxes                   $   30  - to keep all of the gear together
Computer                        $ 500 - For programming the robot
Total Startup            $1,030
Annual (including first year)
FLL Registration Fee      $  200  - FLL Annual Team Registration
Tournament Entry          $   65  -  Approximate Tournament Fee
Coach/Team Supply      $   60  - Supplies and materials for coaches and teachers
Presentation Supply       $   40 - Supplies needed for research presentation
Travel Expenses            $  200 - For travel to/from nearby and regional competitions
Total Team Annual   $ 565
2nd Mindstorm Kit       $365 - very handy to test new ideas without having to dis-assemble primary project
Team T-shirts              $ ???  - for competitions teams usually identify themselves with distinctive clothing