Union District Robotics

An example Robot from FLLUnion Community District, La Porte City and Dysart, Iowa

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Academic Athletics!
"A Varsity Sport for the Mind"
"Technology and inovation are not only strong
American values, but are also the key to our
survival in a increasingly glogalized world."
"Kids that master these crafts and sciences early will
go far in both their academic achievement as well
as their ultimate professional accomplishment."
Within the US FIrst Robotics programs, teams of kids are challenged to build and program a robot to complete a number of scored challenges.
The team then pits their robot against the design and programming of other teams through regional,  State, and even national competitions.  Here
is an excellent video from Iowa State Engineering that explains the program well.
The program is affiliated with the US First Organization which offers robotics challenges and competitions for students throughout the world. 
There are programs for all school ages.  For the 2010-2011 year, we are working to start an FLL  program for middle school students, and hope to expand this program to include the high school programs in future years as students progress - and as interest allows.